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A simplified and organized home will bring you peace of mind. I am here to help you declutter your space and find simple organizing solutions for your home

- Sabrina Decoo

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The more stuff you have, the more time you spend putting it away, cleaning and organizing it. Let's make time for what truly matters:  your hobbies, your family, your life! 

Organized Kitchen Cabinet


Did your family just moved but you have been too busy to unpack and put things away in an organized way? Did you recently downsize and now have more stuff than your space allows? Let's simplify this process!

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What people are saying

"When I moved to my apartment 5 weeks ago, I had close to 60 boxes to unpack and a 900 sq foot space to sort things out. Sabrina came prepared for the job. Organizing is her passion and it wasn't particularly mine. She takes her work seriously and so nice to work with lovely to work with. She is a hard worker and clearly loves organizing!! It took several visits but we were able to get through at least 20 boxes. I rented a storage unit at the apartment and she did an excellent job of unitizing every square inch of space. In addition she worked to organize my kitchen and bedroom closet etc. Sabrina also took the extra step to label boxes to facilitate finding things as we continue this project going forward. I would definitely hire Sabrina again !"

- E.J.

"After a recent loss I found myself in the sad situation of cleaning out my Uncle’s house and belongings. I also had the additional responsibility of becoming an overnight caregiver to an aging relative. Add to that all the craziness happening in the world I was quite literally overwhelmed with everything that needed to be done.
More Organized Me was the very first site that I clicked onto and I am very glad that I did. Sabrina was able to start within a few days and we started my big clean and get organized projects. In all of our hours working together Sabrina worked non stop. And the results of all of her hard work and a few storage suggestions are remarkable. I now have a wonderfully comfortable bedroom and a much more organized and functional small kitchen. I have already recommended her to a few friends and I will highly recommend her to anyone that needs her great organizing skills. Simply put Sabrina Decco of More Organized Me is THE BEST!!!"


"I have always considered myself organized, but with a full time job and a toddler, working from home and just recently moved in to our new place, we were overwhelmed with organizing all of our stuff and I needed help! I contacted Sabrina and we had a zoom meeting scheduled! I walked her virtually through my space and all the things and boxes laying around and she helped us consolidate and organize our clothes, the toy room and the office! She sent an email with all of her suggestions, with links where to purchase the storage bins and accessories that I’d need to make sure everything had a place! She did a fantastic job! Also worthy to mention, Sabrina is professional and personable, and understood immediately what we needed. Would definitely recommend!"

- J.R.



Sarasota, Florida

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